Interact e-Transfer

Savour the Vapour has chosen Interac e-Transfer as its form of payment online.
What is the benefit to using Interac e-Transfer?
There is no sharing of account information between the sender and the recipient. A security question protects the money transfer from being deposited by the wrong/unintended recipient.
Interac e-Transfer requires a Canadian deposit account, and either an e-mail address or a mobile phone number. With Interac e-Transfer, you are able to send money directly from your existing deposit account in a few simple steps.
Interac e-Transfers do not require the set up of new accounts, user IDs, or passwords if you are already using online banking.
Notifications are sent via email or text message, making the process quick and simple!
There is no lag time – the funds can be accessed immediately after the transfer is sent/accepted.