Vaping Changes!

This page is to inform our customer base about recent regulation changes in the vaping industry, and what you can expect in the near future. Please sign the petition posted at the end to have your say, and save e-juice flavours! Thank you for all your support; please read on!...

Recent regulations have been pushed onto the vaping industry in Canada which will restrict e-juice nicotine content to a maximum of 20 MG. This means that our store will have until July 23rd to continue to sell nicotine strengths greater than 20 MG. After the deadline (July 23rd) passes, we are no longer able to sell any e-cigarette or juice with greater than 20 MG.

What does this mean for you?

We are discounting items (some sooner, some later) that have a nicotine content that is higher than 20 MG. Customers will be able to stock up on their strengths before they are gone for good, and then we will continue onward with the 20 MG cap. You can find all sale items under the SALE! tab on the home page, or in the dropdown menu. 

JUUL & BO Users:

Because JUUL only offers 1.5 MG, 3 MG, and 5 MG; we have decided that there will be so few customers who would continue to use the JUUL (as most vape minimum 3%, which will no longer be available) we have made the decision not to continue supporting JUUL until they produce a product that is worth it to our customers. 

BO Vape, who we currently carry 50 MG pods for, will also be discontinued until we feel the company has enough options for our customers in the allowed strengths.


Good News..

You're probably wondering what the upside to this change will be! And there are a few.

With every change in the vape industry, we adapt to it! We believe there will be some new innovative products that will hit the market, and continue to support vapers in Canada.

That being said, for customers who have been vaping a high strength for a while and have been hoping to lower their nicotine intake - this change offers a grace period for folks to do this! For vapers using 50 MG, we suggest stocking up on 35 MG, and then eventually dropping to 20 MG once your 35 MG items are gone.

-AND!- All Savour the Vapour locations will now be able to offer a whole range of new flavours with all this new found room where the 35 and 50 mg juices used to sit! More room = more new things for you guys to try out. 


It's Not Over Yet...

Health Canada has proposed an all around flavour ban in Canada; which means that tobacco and mint would be the only flavours available to vapers if this bill passes. Please join us in a Canada-Wide effort to stop this regulation from going through! Save your flavours, because we all know that majority of vapers use some sort of flavoured e-juice! (Petition E-3362 Now closed)


Contact your MP through the Tobacco Kills Link below to have your voice heard!

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