Digital Loyalty Program

Take advantage of our loyalty program! Savour the Vapour customers are now able to redeem points on e-juices, disposable vapes, and pods! Tracked by your name or phone number, as an in store loyalty reward system


Q: How does the digital loyalty work?
A: Simply start an account with one of our representatives in store by providing your first and last name.
Q: Do I need to do anything qualify for an account?
A: We do not require anything for you to start an account, besides your identification in store, to verify your age (19+) & identity if necessary.
Q: If I have a loyalty account, how do I use it in store?
A: Once you reach our check out with your products, our team will ask you if you collect points with us. From there, you give your name details, and we update your account with the number of points you gained from your purchase!
Q: How many points do I get  per item?
A: For points on loyalty program products, you gain 1 point per qualifying item purchased. One bottle of e-juice = 1 point, one pack of STLTH pods = 1 point, and one disposable = 1 point.
Q: When do I get free stuff with my loyalty account?
A: Free items are gained once you have collected enough points! E-juice points, and Disposable and Pod points are separately tracked on the same loyalty account. For example, you could buy e-juice bottles, and disposables in one purchase, and you receive points for both those different items, tracked as either e-juice points or disposables or pod points. Free e-juice is earned after 8 points, and free disposable or pod packs are earned after 10 points. Please note: the excise tax must be paid at check out with your free item.
Q: What am I able to get for my freebie?
A: Once you have reached 8 e-juice points, you can pick any juice you would like, up to 60ml size! This includes most salt nic juices (as they are 30 ml sizes mostly) and freebase juices at 60ml container sizes! Once you have reached 10 disposable/pod points, you may select any stlth pod pack, or a disposable pen.
Q: Do I have to collect the points all at once to earn the freebie at the end?
A: You most certainly do not! This program is meant to offer everyone a free item once you get the points gained, regardless of how fast or slow you get there :) However, if you do happen to be someone who likes to stock up, and would prefer to do things that way, you are welcome to!
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